Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste


Thieves® Dentarome® Ultra Toothpaste features a unique combination of ingredients to help promote healthy gums and protect against buildup.




Thieves Dentarome Ultra helps gently brush away daily buildup to reveal a healthy-looking smile and all-day minty-fresh breath infused with Young Living’s exclusive Thieves blend and Peppermint essential oil. Thieves Dentarome Ultra features non-GMO papain derived from papayas and zinc citrate, which pull double duty to help promote healthy-looking gums and protect against buildup while neutralizing bad breath for a naturally confident smile.


After each meal, brush teeth or use as directed by a dentist or doctor. For children under 2, consult a dentist or doctor before use.


  • Unique combination of naturally derived ingredients supports healthy-looking gums and teeth
  • Contains zinc citrate to protect teeth against buildup and bad breath
  • Utilizes papain derived from papayas to help lift surface stains and neutralize bad breath
  • Features Young Living’s signature Thieves premium essential oil blend
  • Has a refreshing peppermint taste from premium Peppermint essential oil that delivers long-lasting fresh breath
  • Cleans teeth with an advanced formula that is gentle on tooth enamel
  • Free of sulfates, SLS, synthetic dyes, artificial colors, peroxide, artificial flavors, and preservatives

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