Aventurine Abundance

Try Reciting Aventurine Affirmations

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Should I recite Aventurine Affirmations?

Are you into abundance? Do you want to create a money-positive mindset? Do you have anxiety and fear about your finances? If so, you can benefit from Aventurine Affirmations.

Here are 7 benefits of reciting Aventurine Money Manifestations:

  • They get you thinking about money in a positive way
  • They transform your fears to ideas of abundance so that the Law of Attraction works with you, not against you
  • They reinforce to you that you deserve the money
  • They motivate you to go after money in the right way
  • They allow you to connect with your Aventurine stones, which vibrate with money energy
  • They are calming, relaxing, and empowering
  • They are fun and easy to do any time of day, at any place

15 Aventurine Abundance Affirmations

Here are some Aventurine affirmations to get you started on your journey to abundance. Take hold of all your Aventurine money stones and jewelry and start reciting these mantras on a daily basis:

Seeing money in a positive way:

  • Yes, money DOES grow on trees, and there is plenty of it for me to pick.
  • I was put on this earth to not just survive, but enjoy great abundance.
  • Money is as attractive as my shiny and precious Aventurine crystal, and I love it.
  • I release the negative programming I held about money in the past, and I embrace a money-positive mindset.
  • Money is the energetic and physical currency of human beings, I accept it and I embrace it.

Getting money:

  • I consciously take actions that result in an abundance of money.
  • I place my Aventurine stones in my purse, wallet, and financial areas and they continue to attract a flow of wealth.
  • I know my worth and I never sell myself short in my work, career, or any money-related transaction.
  • My time and energy is worth money. My services are valuable and that is why my income continues to increase day by day.
  • I gaze into my Aventurine stone and it tells me where financial opportunities are awaiting.

Enjoying money:

  • Money is meant to be spent, so I let it go with pleasure and joy. In return, it brings me back the best things that the material world has to offer.
  • When I spend money, I am not losing money; I am enriching others, and that good karma comes back to me tenfold.
  • I deserve the good things in life that’s why I was put on planet Earth.
  • My Aventurine stone is fun to look at, hold, and use. So is money.
  • I am happy and grateful that I have mastered a positive money-mindset and am now reveling in its rewards.

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