What Crystal Used for Its Purpose

What’s the Purpose of Crystals, What is it Used for?

So, the purpose of crystals is to harmonize and enhance our resonance with our natural abilities and intuition. Shaman’s often use them in their ritual work and for healing of members of their tribes. Chinese and Asian’s historically used them in ancient medicinal practices as well on their patients in combination with a wide range […]

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Aventurine Abundance

Try Reciting Aventurine Affirmations

Should I recite¬†Aventurine Affirmations? Are you into abundance? Do you want to create a money-positive mindset? Do you have anxiety and fear about your finances? If so, you can benefit from Aventurine Affirmations. Here are 7 benefits of reciting Aventurine Money Manifestations: They get you thinking about money in a positive way They transform your […]

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