Breathe Again Roll-on 10ml


Breathe Again™ Roll-On combines Copaiba, Myrtle, and Peppermint with four different types of Eucalyptus —including Eucalyptus Blue—to create a powerful, invigorating experience. It is the perfect companion for early mornings, long days, and tough workouts—the name says it all.

Size: 10 ml

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Breathe Again combines some of Young Living’s most refreshing essential oils—including four different types of Eucalyptus—for a powerful, rejuvenating essential oil. In addition to various types of Eucalyptus, Breathe Again includes Blue Cypress, which is steam distilled from the leaves and wood of the blue cypress, a tree indigenous to Australia. It also includes Copaiba, which comes from the resin of the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. With these potent essential oils, Peppermint, Myrtle, and more, Breathe Again is a must-have any time you’re in need of a refreshing experience.

Apply generously to chest and neck as desired.

Has a soothing and comforting aroma

Portable, easy-to-use roll-on design for quick application on the go

Provides a cooling and soothing sensation

Refreshing scent supports the feeling of normal, clear breathing*

Blended with four powerful Eucalyptus oils

Inhale Breathe Again for a refreshing breathing experience.

Apply it topically and inhale for a clean aroma in a stuffy environment.

Apply it generously to your throat, neck, or chest as desired for a cooling and soothing sensation.

Apply it for a refreshing aroma during seasonal changes.

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