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Crystals, Oils, and Decrees 80-Card Deck

Curious about how crystals, essential oils and decrees work together for your highest frequency and support ? Our Creator is the biggest scientist of ALL and had us in mind creating these for us !

Crystals, essential oils and decrees carry frequency and hold it ! High Frequency is awesome support to the body!

Get these amazing cards while simultaneously educating yourself and raising your vibration at the same time !
These are ONE of kind cards !

80 Card Deck – Each card contains a crystal, the info regarding that crystal , 4 hand selected companion essential oils that work best with that crystal AND a perfected decree for maximum high vibe combo benefit !

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Product Specifications:
Pages: 80 cards
Published: 2021
Type: Flash Cards
Author(s): Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon