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Miracle II Neutralizer

Preserve the balance of nature!

Another formula revealed by God. This Nature’s Miracle for the total body has a pH balancing formula all with natural minerals.
Miracle II believes in keeping things simple and pure but don’t let the water like clearness of this God designed liquid fool you – it’s jam packed with the amazing minerals and organics that Miracle II customers come back for time and time again and it’s pH balanced for the entire body! Most customers keep more than one spray bottle filled with Miracle II so they can use it outside, inside, keep a bottle in the car and bring it along to the gym and work! Women oftentimes carry a mini spray bottle in their purse for refreshing spritzs of skin hydration, to set their makeup and give their skin an energizing healthy glow.

Divine inspiration led Clayton Tedeton directly to the formula for his original Miracle II Soap and thousands of satisfied users have discovered a multitude of uses. They say it works wonders! Over the past two decades, a host of products emerged from that same inspiration; each miraculous in its own way.