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Essential Oils Quick Reference Tool 8th Edition (2019) Full-Color

Essential Oils Quick Reference Tool 8th Edition (2019) Full-Color

Full-Color! The 8th Edition Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide is here! Dramatically updated in appearance and content, this new booklet is a game changer when it comes to sharing and learning about Young Living Essential Oils. With a new larger format and updated with THREE additional sections, this guide is all new!

The information for the quick reference guide was extracted from the personal usage databank section of the larger Essential Oils Desk Reference and includes: brief application methods, commonly used single oils, commonly used blends and common ailment treatments.

Overview of Topics:

  • Historical Uses of Essential oils
  • Distillation of Essential Oils
  • Application Methods
  • Improve Your Physical Wellness
  • Cleanse Your Home
  • Refine Your Skin
  • Promote Spiritual Awareness
  • Commonly Used Collections and Kits
  • Commonly Used Single Oils
  • Commonly Used Blends
  • Common Ailments and Oils

Product Details:
Pages: 96
Published: 2019, 8th Edition