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Colored Roll-on Vials (Set of 7)

Balancing your chakras has never been more beautiful than with color-corresponding, roll-on vials! The colored glass also helps protect contents from damaging UV light. Metal rollers make application especially easy. (DIY class tip: Roll-on vials work best when essential oils are diluted with at least an equal amount of carrier oil.) You can also label your chakra roll-on set with preprinted, moisture-proof vinyl labels!
Quantity: 7 glass vials (1 of each—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and magenta) with stainless steel roller ball inserts and matching colored caps.
Volume: ⅓ oz., or ~10 ml.
Neck: 16mm.
Size: ¾” x 3¼”.
Directions: Transfer oil from another vial or mix a blend of your own in this bottle. The opening of this vial is large enough that you can carefully drip essential oils into it from your standard bottles with orifice reducers. Or, make it quick and easy with a plastic pipette, syringe, or glass dropper.
After the oil is in the bottle, place the roller ball insert in the opening. Press down firmly until securely connected, trying not to push directly on the roller ball itself. (Be careful, and hold tightly to the bottle during this process.) For greater ease, use one of our plastic or metal essential oil keys.
Please note that roll-on bottles containing liquids should be stored and transported in an upright position to prevent leaking. (We cannot be responsible for damage or loss caused by leaks.)
Once the oil is in the bottle and the roller ball is inserted, you may want to label the vial. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil from the outside of the bottle before labeling. You can purchase our preprinted or blank labels.